LED Guide

At a time of significant technological change, the evolution of LED from an innovative to a conventional and leading light emitting has impacted positively on energy use and carbon emissions.

At the heart of Hibino's drive to help our customers understand these challenges we have introduced an LED terminology guide to explain the common terms, their meaning and performance difference from LCD and projector.

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"ChromaVision" LED Display System for details


Cost-competitive multinational component sourcing with HIBINO exclusive LED Controller providing the best solution to 4K technology

Model HCV 16
Model HCV 38
Fine Pitch Series
Model ChromaVision 16
Model ChromaVision 19
Model ChromaVision 25
Indoor Series
Model ChromaVision 31
Model ChromaVision 39
Model ChromaVision 60i
Outdoor Series
Model ChromaVision 60
Model ChromaVision 80
Model ChromaVision 100
Model ChromaVision 160
Model ChromaVision 200
Model ChromaVision 250
Innovative Series
New viusal experience driving to new innovative design

"ChromaLED" LED Display System

Hibino has been successful to reproduce the three primary colors precisely with the LED devices since 1996, and we started developing applied products of video display systems with LEDs. Today, the technology of the LED display unit, the LED controller, and processor, and the front-end are the core technologies of Hibino.

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Hibino LED Contoller

Cutting-edge, with Hibino exclusive technology, 3 models are available

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Flagship model
High-end 4K model
Simple and cost effective model