About Us

We are proud of our challenging spirits to reach the unreachable summit.

Hibino Landmarks

We, HIBINO, are the specialist of SOUND and VISUAL

Established as Hibino Electro Sound Inc.
Began rental, installation and operation services of concert sound equipment
Began rental, installation and operation services of large visual equipment
Invested in Chromatek Inc. and began supporting the development of its visual products and sales

Began developing and manufacturing visual equipment
Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange

ChromaLED 6B
Developed DLC-612, world first 4K correspond LED Processor and ChromaLED product line up
Developed LumixxLine, world first LED Display system in rope type
Established Hibino Europe Limited in United Kingdom and Hibino Asia Pacific Limited in Hong Kong in April and Aug 2007 respectively
Developed All-Weather Type LED Display, Chromawall 12
Established Hibino Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Limited in Shanghai, China in April 2010
3D LED Display System by conventional parallax method

50th Anniversary

Striving for the BEST

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